Photography Request

There is no form to complete in order to request photography for an event. Instead, please email your request to Suzanne Barwick, director of marketing and communications, at In your request, please provide all details of the photography event, including:

  • Event name
  • Event time and date
  • Event location with address
  • Number of people in the photograph(s)
  • Any specific photo shots needed, including names and titles when possible
  • Specific use for the photo, such as for website, social media, etc.

If your event runs all day or multiple days, we will also need the specific 30- to 60-minute window that you need photography services. Photographers are expected to limit their event time to an hour or less and must also budget work time afterward for preparing and labeling the resulting photos.

Please note: There needs to be a specific purpose for your photography request other than to mark the occasion. This means there must be a specific use for your requested photos, such as placement on the website, placement with an approved news release, placement in a brochure or other promotional piece. If photography is needed for social media only, we will send our social media coordinator to cover your event. 

All photo requests – for social media or other uses – must be made three weeks or more in advance of the event.

  Having Trouble?

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