Graphic Design for Eblast Request

Please submit this form 3 weeks prior to the date eblast is to be sent.

We must have ALL text, photos (72 dpi or higher) and/or logos (72 dpi or higher) before project will start and before the 3 week timeframe begins.

It is the requestor’s responsibility to acquire the relevant email address list(s) for the eblast. Remember to include team members on your email list whom you want to receive the eblast.

Eblast list(s) must be provided in an Excel spreadsheet only with up to two columns of information (email address and first name IF you want to personalize the preheader).

To request an FSU alumni email address list, please go to the FSU Foundation’s online portal at:

Steps for completing the form on the FSU Foundation’s portal:

  • Log in with your FSU email and password
  • Select “Report & List Requests”
  • Select “Communication: Mailing or Email List
  • Select “Other Email System Upload File”
  • Complete the form - Request the list you want (i.e., all College of Business finance alumni) and put a comment in the Standard Output Modifications box: "Only need two columns of information: Column 1: email address and Column 2: first name"

It generally takes 3 weeks for the FSU Foundation to provide your list of email addresses, so please request the address list prior to submitting the Graphic Design Request for Eblast form or at least the same day as the form is submitted.


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