Core Values Award

The Core Values Award recognizes College of Business faculty and staff members who strive to exemplify the core values of the college. Three faculty members and three staff members are chosen annually for this award. The award recipients’ photos and names appear prominently on the college’s faculty and staff awards board located outside the dean’s suite. Award recipients are announced at the college’s annual faculty and staff banquet held in the spring semester.


Nominees must be a College of Business faculty or staff member.

Criteria for Selection

Engagement & Impact

  • Within our academic disciplines
  • With our students and their careers
  • Within the business and university communities
  • With our alumni


  • In our leadership
  • In our fiscal obligations
  • In our scholarship, teaching and service
  • Among our students


  • In our scholarship
  • In our teaching
  • In our service
  • In our relationships


  • In our respect and support of each other
  • In our support of the greater university community
  • In our connection to the FSU alumni network
  • In our impact on society at large


  • In our leadership
  • Within our faculty and staff
  • Within our students and programs
  • In our scholarship, teaching and service

Nomination Process

Nominations for 2024 are now closed.

Core Values Award Nomination Form

Core Values Award Committee Members


  • Michael Holmes (MAN), Chair
  • Deb Armstrong (BAISSC)
  • Daniel Broxterman (RMI)
  • Luke Hopkins (MAR)
  • Steve Perfect (FIN)
  • Holly Sudano (ACG)


  • Lee Browning, Chair
  • Jason Harle
  • Jolene Hazelwood
  • Ashley Stanton
  • Hannah Vollenweider
  • Andrea White, Ex-officio

Award Recipients

2024 Staff James Endress, Gio Lopez and Pete Reinwald
  Faculty Geoffrey Adams, Don Autore and Spencer Pierce
2023 Staff Lee Browning, Sarah Cass and Kayla West
  Faculty Daniel Broxterman, Luke Hopkins and Holly Sudano
2022 Staff Ashley Blakely, Jolene Hazelwood and Jennifer Williams
  Faculty Darren Brooks, Noyan Ilk and Maura Scott
2021 Staff Willie Smith, Tara Tarin and Brittany Houston
  Faculty Cassandra Cole, Michael Homes and Bill Woodyard
2020 Staff Trevor Bryan, Jennifer Janasiewicz and Melanie Yeager
  Faculty Gary Bliss, David King and Mariya Letdin
2019 Staff Ray Marky, Melissa Roberts and Kyndal Soto
  Faculty Deb Armstrong, Michael Brady and Landon Mauler
2018 Staff Michelle Kane, Luke Gordon and Gail Palo
  Faculty Ken Armstrong, Wayne Hochwarter and Bill Woodyard
2017 Staff John Hornbuckle, Audra Proctor and Schanell Hylton
  Faculty Ashley Bush, David Maslach and Gary Smith
2016 Staff Kaylee Blanchard, Tara Tarin and Aiden Sizemore
  Faculty Bill Christiansen, Jim Dever and Bruce Lamont
2014 Staff Mark Thorp, Andrea White and Shannon Young
  Faculty Willy Bolander, Iris Junglas and David Orozco
2013 Staff Kim Burkes, Ashley Edwards and Sue Ellen Smith
  Faculty Ashley Bush, Kathleen McCullough and Pat Pallentino
2012 Staff Jennifer Boyles, Lee Browning and Deblin Lewis
  Faculty Larry Giunipero, Jane Ohlin and Stacy Sirmans
2011 Staff Loreen Kollar, Leslie Mille and Cheryl Tharp
  Faculty Gary Benesh, Randy Blass and Lise Diaz-Arguelles
2010 Staff Donna Arnold, Lisa Beverly and John Smith
  Faculty Dean Gatzlaff, Pat Maroney and Gary Smith
2009 Staff Suzanne Barwick, Sue Garis and Paul Harlacher
  Faculty Glenn Boggs, Pat Pallentino and Alvin Stauber
2008 Staff Freddie Robinson, Joanna Southerland and Laura Waltke
  Faculty Bill Hillison, Charlie Hofacker and Holly Sudano
2007 Staff Ray Marky, Scheri Martin and Betty Smith
  Faculty Joe Icerman, Tim Matherly and Pam Perrewe

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