Core Values Award

The Core Values Award recognizes College of Business faculty and staff members who strive to exemplify the core values of the college. Three faculty members and three staff members are chosen annually for this award. The award recipients’ photos and names appear prominently on the college’s faculty and staff awards board located outside the dean’s suite. Award recipients are announced at the college’s annual faculty and staff banquet held in the spring semester.



Nominees must be a College of Business faculty or staff member


Criteria for Selection

  • Strive for Excellence
  • Strive for Integrity
  • Strive for Respect
  • Strive for Leadership
  • Strive for Innovation


Core Values Award Committee Members

  • Al Bathke
  • Michael Holmes, Co-Chair
  • Tim Kinney
  • Chuck Nyce, Co-Chair
  • Steve Perfect
  • Guangzhi Shang
  • Jennifer Clark, Chair
  • Marissa Mainwood
  • Alexa Mitsuda
  • Aiden Sizemore
  • Esther Widener
  • Andrea White, Ex-Officio

Please use this form to nominate a worthy College of Business faculty or staff member.


Core Values Award Nomination Form

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