One Button Studio

Welcome to the easiest way to create quality video content in a private, stress-free setting! The College of Business One Button Studio (OBS), located in Rovetta Business Building’s Room 238 (RBB 238), allows for a simplified experience for faculty members to create video lectures and content without any prior video production knowledge. College of Business faculty members and doctoral students have on-demand access to professional recording space without the hassle of messing with video equipment or editing software to deliver quality video content.

For any questions about the OBS, please contact Academic Technology during regular business hours via email.


Uses for the space

  • Delivering an introduction to an online course
  • Presenting research papers
  • Recording a lecture
  • Creating demonstration modules

Before you head to the studio

  • Dress for success! What you wear is still extremely important even when you’re on a green screen - see this guide on quick tips for camera-ready dressing!
    • The important takeaways are don’t wear any red or green based colors and avoid patterns as much as possible.
  • You must bring your own USB drive with a minimum of 500MB of available space to save your recording. Your flash drive will also need to be formatted as a FAT32 drive. No idea if your flash drive fits that criteria click here to check out the guide on how to format your flash drive. 
  • PowerPoint slides will be captured during your presentation for easy post-production, so please make sure that you utilize this template.

Recording in the Studio

Wondering what your experience in the OBS will be like? Check out our tutorial walkthrough video below.  Detailed instructions are also provided within the OBS when you go to create your video. 

After you've finished recording

Editing will be undertaken by the Academic Technology team and a final version of the video should be available within 2 business days after you record.


Thanks to Penn State for creating and sharing the concept of the One Button Studio.

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